Streamline your factory’s hand-operated processes and logistics with IoT and AI

We offer a solution to automate data collection and optimize hand-operated processes and logistics, achieving up to 30% productivity increase without additional capital investments, eliminating process waste & paper usage.

Most production time is often spent outside industrial machinery in poorly monitored and digitized activities such as assemblies, machine setup, and intralogistics. Our solution offers real-time monitoring and efficiency improvements for these process stages.

Working Time Collection:

Precisely and automatically measure working time in hand-operated stations.

Analyze idle times and material flow

Analyze orders’ lead times in every workstation to identify inefficiencies and reduce idle times


Locate orders or assets in real time to drastically reduce logistic costs and increasing availability

How does it work?

Small sensors are attached to orders, batches of semi-finished goods, and other items for monitoring.

Fixed antennas (gateways) automatically record data on the tags’ status and location in real-time, as well as other status information about activities happening at the workstation.

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Our strengths

One day

Simply connect the antennas (gateways) that collect data to the power grid, and the solution is up and running.

0 hours
of human intervention

Simply associate a device with a batch or job order and the data will be collected automatically by the system.


Our approach cuts infrastructure costs by up to 70% compared to other solutions on the market.

What benefits does a Komete bring ?

Drastic reduction in logistic costs through real-time localization

Identification of bottlenecks and hidden waste

Objective cost estimation of manual work

Improved pricing precision of make-to-order lots

Eliminating paper usage in hand-operated processes and logistics

Avoid reworks due to lost material

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Learn how Komete can help you automate data collection and optimize hand-operated processes and logistics



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